How to improve your PPC results

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1. Allow enough time for onboarding

AdWords campaigns are not easy to launch. It is not as simple as putting together words and bidding for keywords, then waiting for the conversions to come in.

Campaigns that are successful are built on solid foundations of business understanding and clear objectives.

This is a crucial aspect of AdWords campaigns’ success.

The initial research phase and the ‘get to understand you’ phase ensure that each ad, ad-group, and campaign are uniquely tailored to your audience. This is the only way you can achieve more click-throughs and a higher ROI over the long term.

This is a key part.

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Part 1: Getting to Know You

Your agency will scope out your campaign and take the time to get to know your company and team.

They will need your assistance to fully understand your business so they can create a hyper-targeted marketing campaign.

  • What are your goals?
  • Which are your competition?
  • Who are your ideal customers
  • From where are you going?

PART 2: Strategy development and campaign building

This is the tactical, in-depth stuff. The agency will also conduct market research and in-depth keyword research. The agency will also help you to define your audience and cross-match your SEO activities. They’ll then create a customized strategy to achieve your goals.

It is important to track every campaign. This takes time. Experienced agencies will be able to identify the most important KPIs and tools to extract the best data from your campaign.

All your ad elements, such as negative keywords, ad copy and structured snippets, are now in place.

This is a good thing, but you must also make sure that your agency has the information they need. Be available to answer any questions they may have.

We are confident that it is better to invest this time upfront than to risk spending your money on poor quality clicks.

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2. Optimise your ad campaigns

Every AdWords campaign that is successful is always a work-in-progress. To get better and more results, your AdWords campaign must be constantly optimised.

PPC failure is a result of inaction.

However, you cannot optimize unless you have enough data to make informed choices.

This is what your first month of campaign should give you: visibility and data.

A PPC agency can help you achieve these clear benefits. It can be difficult to find the time to dig into data every day, especially when there are so many other priorities. Only dedicated specialists are available to help you make data-driven choices and mine for insights.

Your agency will also know the average cost per Click (CPC) and click through rate metrics for your niche. This information will help you determine the likelihood of conversions, return on advertising spend (ROAS) and other relevant data.

Even better, the agency can dedicate time and resources to test different elements of your campaign to determine which combinations produce better results.

This will save you time, frustration, and money, while also allowing you to get the best ROI quicker.

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3. For a faster review, test your ad copy

You have submitted your ad to Google for review. Now you can wait for it to go live.

It’s a mistake!

Google takes its time to approve your advertisement.

Here are their views:

  • Headline: Does it sound spammy?
  • Description of the ad: What is your message? Are there any offensive content? Is there any prohibited content?
  • Keywords: Does your ad make sense with the keywords?
  • Landing page: Does your ad match your landing page?

Google wants to provide the best search experience possible.

Google may flag your ad to make changes, or disapprove it. You will need to go through the entire process again.

Be aware that Google is less likely to reject your ad if you work with a trusted PPC agency that has proven its ability to onboard you.

It can happen.

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How long does it take Google to review your ad

Consider first that Google has literally millions of advertisers using its platform.

Google reviews ads according to the order in which they are received. You simply need to join a queue.

Google reviews most ads in one business day.

It has been known that it can take more than one business day.

Here’s what you will see when it happens:

There is good news: you can get your ads approved quicker.

All you have to do is follow the Google guidelines.

These are the main points you should avoid:

  • Prohibited content includes the promotion and sale of counterfeit goods.
  • Prohibited practices include data collection, misrepresentation and any other abuse of the ad network.
  • Restricted content includes content that is not suitable for children, gambling, or political content.
  • Technical and editorial issues are anything that makes it difficult or frustrating for users to interact.

A PPC agency can help you manage your Google Ads campaign.

The best PPC agencies keep up-to-date with AdWords policies, guidelines and practices. This makes their job easier and helps them do their best for their clients.

You can trust that a Google Premier Partner like us will be able to help you navigate the advertising platform. This makes it easier for you to manage the entire process and reduces stress.

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