Improve Ppc Click-through Rate

You might be asking the question: What is a Good Click-Through Rate (CTR)? We cover the Average Click Through Rates for Google Ads and Facebook Ads and let you know whether or not your click-through rate is bad, average, or above average.

The average click-through rates vary depending on where you are running your advertisement, what you are targeting, who you are targeting, and the industry you are in. The overall average click-through rate for Google AdWords Search ads is 1.91%, the average click-through rate for Google Ads Display ads is 0.35%, and the average click-through rate for Facebook ads is 0.91%.


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Google search ads appear under search results on the Google search network and Google search partners. You always see higher CTRs on search because people are targeting your keywords and you can serve them relevant ads that they are actively seeking.

Google display ads appear on websites, apps, and videos. You generally target audiences like a set of interests, demographics, and geographic targeting that fits your target market. Otherwise, you can use Remarketing for people who have visited your website. Click-through rates will vary based on your targeting.

Facebook ads can vary based on the ad unit you are using, your creative, your ad copy, and who you are targeting. It will also depend on your industry and level of competition.

Click-through rates are important because in Google Ads they can lead to a higher quality score, which will lower your costs and improve your cost per conversion. In Facebook ads, click-through rates can improve your relevancy score, leading to more clicks within your set of impressions.

My click-through rate goals are always to be better than average, so I try to keep it above 3.0% for Google Search Ads, around 0.35%-0.50% for Google Display Ads, and above 1.00% for Facebook ads. The more clicks you can generate with your impressions, the better your campaigns will perform.

The click-through rate formula is very simple, you just divide clicks by impressions and you will get a percentage. That percentage is your CTR.

Clicks/Impressions = CTR

By using the statistic of CTR, you can have a better understanding of whether or not your ads are relevant, targeted, and worthy of clicks by people. Getting people to click your ad is not always easy, especially depending on your level of competition and what type of website you have.