Ppc Inbound Marketing

The answer is YES! They are not mutually separable. If you want to generate inbound traffic of people genuinely interested in what you have to offer, then you need PPC campaigns. If you are not using PPC campaigns, then you are missing out on a great channel to generate traffic. It’s like saying that you want to wait longer to generate traffic and convert leads.

PPC campaigns put fire to existing marketing campaigns. It reaches the right eyeballs, people are looking for it, they click the ads, go to a landing page, fill the form, and then they are converted. It takes longer to get results without PPC campaigns.

If you set up a great marketing campaign, a good landing page, inbound marketing, and do not do PPC, you are missing out. A perfectly optimized inbound marketing campaign will have some amount of money spent on PPC campaigns. You need PPC campaigns, so ask yourself, how much traffic can I afford? How many leads do I need to offset the cost of my marketing campaign? And afford my ad spend?